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Dear diary,


5 years ago today, i received one of the best gifts ever. Not only did you change my life forever, but you made me into the person i am today.

I want to wish my beautiful, smart and outgoing daughter the best of luck on her birthday (30/12/2017)

How time flies!!

You are my daughter and my bff too.

You are five today.

Yes, it has been a journey, but mama will always love you Ara and be there for you.

Happy 5th birthday Wan Adelia Izara Binti Wan Zamri

Had a little celebration for her birthday........

Choc Au Lait Cake from secret recipe

I make singapore fried bee hoon

and mr husband prepare for BBQ chicken grill & 'ikan bakar cicah kicap' hehehe

BBQ chicken marinade from giant, test satu ketul... tak sedap & tak abis haha. Sib baik seketul jek...  
Yang penting my husband make the best BBQ chicken marinade... tak yah beli ready made.. perap sendiri lagi ummpppp... ceh berlagak.

Banyak betul gambar adik. HAHA. Whateverrrr, happy birthday adikkkkk!!!

Till then, MAMA

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